Friday, October 25, 2013

My patchwork DNA

[originally posted October 25, 2013; updated known paternal ancestry November 26, 2015]

I recently compared my latest genetic admixture estimates which suggest that my ancestors, who are all European to my knowledge, come from all over Europe. I subsequently noticed a boost in my 23andMe Ancestry Finder results and decided to create my own map view thereof to see how well it bears out my genetic admixture estimates. Out of 1,043 matches above 23andMe's Ancestry Finder threshold who have completed their ancestry survey, only 189 have all 4 grandparents born in the same European location and I have mapped these locations using Google Fusion Tables (this analysis therefore excludes a lot of matches with mixed ancestry). There must be something to my patchwork genetic admixture estimates after all.

Ancestry Finder matches with all 4 grandparents born in the same location:

Austria: 2
Belgium: 1
Bulgaria: 1
Czech Republic: 1
Denmark: 2
Finland: 2
France: 2
Germany: 7
Hungary: 1
Ireland: 59[1][2]
Italy: 4[2]
Latvia/Estonia: 1[3]
Lithuania: 1
Netherlands: 7[2]
Norway: 5
Poland: 4
Portugal: 2
Romania: 2
Russia: 1
Serbia: 1
Slovakia: 1
Sweden: 1
Switzerland: 1[1][2]
Ukraine: 3
United Kingdom: 77[1][2]
Total: 189

1 Known ancestry from this location at parent, grandparent or great-grandparent level
2 Location visible at Ancestry Finder's default level
3 Only location where I combined neighbouring countries